n:vision - christian youth worship events

n:vision is a Christian organisation that aims to encourage and enable youth and youth workers in churches in the south of England. I designed and built this website to replace an older frame based site. The aim is to provide timely information [including posters] and on-line ticket sales for upcoming events, information about speakers & bands [including videos], photos of past events and background information about n:vision itself.

Website: www.nvision.uk.net

Director: Mave Whitchurch

Customer's comments

Thanks very much for the great new website. It looks really professional & is easy to navigate & keep up to date.

Your speedy response to the alterations that we wanted made the process hassle free & we have ended up with a website that has all we hoped for & more!

Technical notes

The site is driven by the ExpressionEngine CMS - besides handling automatically all the time sensitive matters and the cross links between events and performers, it allows the n:vision team to update the site content themselves - a key requirement. Ticketing is via PayPal, and several different types of ticket can be offered for each event.

I decided to use a centered fixed width design for this site, taking colouring and the background from the existing logo. As with all my website, nvision.uk.net is standards compliant and accessible. Stylesheets maintain the graphic design elements over the pages, making it much easier to update. Tables are only used for tabular data, e.g. the tickets on the event pages.

Alternate styles

There are a number of different layouts or 'skins' for this site: company, rainbow, child, calm, stormy, austere, high contrast and more...


This site is powered by the brilliant ExpressionEngine CMS.