Magnom - the industrial magnetic filter

This site is for a leading manufacturer of magnetic filters for industrial fluids. The highly effective filter removes micron scale particles without disrupting the fluid flow.

The filter system is used in a wide range of industries and in many different fluids [water, fuel, oils, hydraulic, cutting and coolants] so we not only have datasheet pages on each product, but pages for each industry and application. There are numerous case studies, technical notes, plus contact details for their distributers, news letters etc etc.

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M.D: Bob Spender

Customer's comments

It is now six months since we went live with our new web site. We have been complemented on numerous occasions from our users on the design, ease of use and professional look of the site. Having viewed the site one customer said “we had transitioned from a company with a technology idea to a technology company???.

One of the main critia for the web site was that we needed to inform users of the breadth and depth of the Magnom Technology, which we thought was quite a difficult task considering the number of industrial applications and references we had to include across different markets.

I guess the structure and architecture you employed for this aspect has proved very successful as even I can find my way around with ease!

Finally to have a project completed to time and budget is an added bonus, thanks again Geoff

Technical notes

The site uses an elastic design, with the main content section have one or two columns. A single main stylesheet manages the site layout - with one or two others pulled in for specific pages.

The site relies upon the Expression Engine CMS, in particular the ability to define custom fields for different types of entry. Thus the product page section contains many fields for the datasheet, while a distributor page will have fewer and completely different fields, i.e. you can define the fields for the purpose and are not artifically constrained to a limited set.

The CMS makes it possible to have complex relationships between pages without requiring much effort in the way of maintainance. Thus on a product page, you will also see links to relevent industries and applications, plus case studies involving that product. Similarly on a industry page or an application page, you will see links to appropriate products and case studies. Managing all these linkages by hand would be a nightmare indeed!

Alternate styles

There are a number of different layouts or 'skins' for this site: company, rainbow, child, calm, stormy, austere, high contrast and more...


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