The Health Ministry: for osteopaths - osteopathic products/book reviews, CPD courses, forums

This site provides a much needed resource for all interested in the practise and application of the major manual therapies, Osteopathy, Physiotherapy & Chiropractic. both professional and lay. The site is run and moderated by a Registered Osteopath with over 20 years of experience. On the site there are:
  • Products reviews by 'The Health Minister' - site users can rate & review the products
  • Book reviews by 'The Health Minister' - site users can rate & review the books
  • Lists and links to relevant UK university degrees
  • Forums to discuss the manual therapies
  • Lists of upcoming CPD [continuing professional development] courses
  • Lists of upcoming meetings [national and local]
  • Blog covering matters of related interest.
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Andrew Bellamy

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